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The choice of netbook OS…

So, having just ordered my Eee PC 1005HA (black), I am wondering what I should load onto it’s tidy 160GB hard disk. I will be using it for blogging, web browsing, writing (in LaTeX) and email, in particular while on the move (train carriages, the bus, etc,) so it need to be an OS with established credentials in these areas.

It comes with windows XP home, which I will shrink down to 20GB and leave there for emergency “this needs to be done in windows” situations (sad, but unfortunately required…) but XP simply fails the LaTeX test without any further questions.

So, where from there? Well, Chrome OS isn’t quite ready yet (and there is no way my primary OS is going to be beta – this thing has to be stable), so I had a look at Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I like the idea of window switching being relegated to a corner of the screen (given that you are only ever going to have 3 or 4 things open at once, tops,) and it comes with special Eee PC hacks (woo!), and of course, being Ubuntu underneath, it has access to all of Donald Knuth’s finest typesetting packages.

…and it looks shiny…

We will see when it arrives whether or not it is speedy like the wind or it sucks. If the worst comes to the worst I can always fall back on debian or gentoo with XFCE, and have my ultra optimised little beast ready with a few hours of painful command line wrangling. I think that openSUSE would be overkill (installed size of like 4 GB usually) for such a petite laptop of awesome. I will of course install with seperate / and home partitions, just so I can switch OS without the need for backups and other nonsense (loyalty to a particular flavour of Linux?! Never!)

After it’s arrival (being cheap that could be any time between now and this time next week, as I refuse to pay postage where possible out of principal…) and my successful installation I will blog again form the device itself with instructions for the intrepid netbook explorers among you, who wish to follow in my┬ájungle-like┬ápath.